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The Cape Coral Animal Shelter celebrated its two-year anniversary in March, and what an incredible two years it has been!  Opening March 19, 2020, just days before the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic sent the country into a tailspin, CCAS had to make some adjustments to get a shelter full of animals into loving, forever homes.


Adoptions—We are proud to report that, in our first two years of operations, we found forever homes for over 2,300—A remarkable feat considering we have just 12 kennels and three cat rooms.  This is largely in part to a robust foster program, a well-managed intake program, and adoption counseling by appointment that strives to find the best fit for both the animal and the adopter.


Volunteers—Support from the community for CCAS from the very beginning has been overwhelming and greatly appreciated.  Over 12,300 people have attended our volunteer orientations and over 300 have become trained dog walkers to assist daily at the shelter.  Over 100 different foster families have taken in medical cases, kittens, puppies, and other animals who needed a break from the shelter.  Volunteers cuddle cats, clean, do laundry, attend events, collect donations in the community, and transport animals to our shelter.


Low-Cost Veterinary Clinic—In August of 2020, CCAS opened a low-cost veterinary clinic to help support the life-saving work of the shelter and provide a much-needed service to our community.  The clinic offers all services including spay/neuter surgery, illness/wellness visits, dental procedures, and the sale of heartworm preventative and prescription food, all at low/discounted prices.  It is open to the public and all new patients are always welcome!


Our Board of Directors and Leadership—Our dedicated leadership team is the key to our success.  Our board of directors, led by founder and Board President, JoAnn Elardo, provides the guidance and direction that will lead our organization into the future.  Our senior staff, led by Executive Director, Liz McCauley is poised to make a tremendous impact in the lives of animals in our community and throughout South Florida.


What’s Next? —Now more than ever, the Cape Coral Animal Shelter needs donations.  It became clear early on that expansion was going to be necessary even sooner than originally planned.  CCAS has just announced plans for a major expansion of both shelter and clinic operations.  Continued support from this amazing community will be greatly needed and appreciated.


The Cape Coral Animal Shelter would like to thank the Cape Coral Chamber of Commerce for their continued support and everyone who donated, adopted, volunteered, and supported the live-saving work we do for the animals and our community. It takes a village, and ours is a great one!   

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